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Is it Time to Consider Freelance?

As we navigate our way out of lockdown and get used to the 'new normal', chatting with those in pro-audio it would appear that for some there is no normal as they face redundancy. Unfortunately it is just one sign of the times in an industry that has been hit hard by the pandemic. However, not all is lost. With the wheels of production now turning there will be a need for work and the current climate could be a great time to consider going freelance.


We already have 4.8 million freelancers in the UK and that number continues to grow. Although some studios may be making those difficult decisons to cut their workforce, demand for key skills will still be there. They will undoubtedly turn to the freelancers to do the work whilst maintaining smaller overheads.  


The 'feast or famine cycle' is nothing new to freelancers but by planning your self promotion at the outset will help to reduce the incidence of working 10-12 hours a day serving your clients and not having time to market yourself. No one ever had it easy going it alone but if you have confidence in yourself you can create a healthy income. It takes a lot of effort to produce quality work and build your credibility; your livelihood depends on it. You need to put yourself out there, sell your skills, chase down clients and network without fear.   


In addition to persuing jobs you need to have a strong personal brand and establish industry credibility to help sell your skills and put you out there. A good way to build that credibility is to spend some time writing articles and doing interviews and once you have a few pieces you will find it easier to attract work.


Ensure that your website really speaks to your potential clients.  Make sure any content you put out showcases your skill set, set up and how you can deliver projects. Don't forget that magazines can also give you a voice on the national and international stage and broaden your reach.