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Can You Still See Me?

Can You Still See Me? Is about what its like to live with a child who suffers mental health difficulties. With many of us experiencing anxiety and other mental related issues with the Covid-19 pandemic this book has hit the shelves just at the right time. 


Many people talk about their experiences of living with anxiety and OCD so it is pretty easy to find out what it is like having the condition, however there are few books that talk about what it is like living with and supporting someone who has the mental health disorder. Can You Still See Me? does just that.


Shocked by the lack of support for her teenage son, Veale wants to raise awareness of the condition. In the book she highlights how easy it is to let anxiety and OCD get a hold, how it affects everyday life, relationships, work, rituals, and finding the right professionals to work with both her son and the family.


Can You Still See Me?  Is available from the Amazon book store.