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Good Sound for All

Remote working is here to stay for some time to come so strong values and solid relationships with clients have been key ingredients to its success.  One of the biggest challenges we have faced is to present remote workflow to clients in such a way that they have faith things will work.


Alan Sallabank has done just that and his work has been recognised with approval by the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, for Covid-19 Safe operating procedures for Voice Recording.  At the height of the pandemic, production companies still had projects on the go but needed to ensure that their talent remained safe. Some actors had their own studios but many did not, and the added complications of having to be technically self-sufficient was detracting from the creative imperative. A new way of working was needed, that enabled the actor to record dialogue, while remaining in theirs and the production’s comfort zone.


Being forced to adapt working practices, Sallabank pioneered a fully functioning Remote Pro Tools recording rig to send to voice artist’s homes. After a lot of research and experimentation, he developed a remote recording rig that could be sent out to actors anywhere, enabling voice recording to continue without the actor having to be in a “traditional” studio environment. For the actors it's no different to going to a normal recording studio. They do not have to get involved with adjusting any levels or operate any software or equipment. They are able to fully concentrate on what's important – acting, and the production is able to concentrate at getting the best performance and result possible.


Viewing his job as that of translator, Sallabank believes that you need to get in the head of the creatives who are making the piece and be aware that on most occasions, you are making a product, so a poor recording will only make the work more difficult. 


Minimising the likelihood of poor remote recording at the outset and making the task easier for the actor results in clients having faith that things work.  As attitudes shift and remote working provides more opportunity to demonstrate the viability of fully remote workflows and better technology and tools available, we are now seeing the benefits these bring.