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Skills Deficit - Do we have a ticking Time Bomb?

The creative industries contribute £87 billion every year to our country’s economy yet barely a week goes by without seeing or hearing a reference to skills shortages in the UK.   There is always chatter about how the upcoming engineers are often missing vital skills so we asked The Birmingham Conservatoire, Wolverhampton, Winchester and London South Bank Universities how they are preparing the next generation of sound engineers.   We also spoke to industry pros about how they ensured they obtained the necessary skills ...

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Engineers at Home

To help audio engineers during this exceptional time, renowned studio designer Eddie Veale is offering to do a remote acoustic check of your home studio/room and offer advice as to the nature of any problems you are currently experiencing and what can be done to improve matters. “Many engineers have their own studio where they are doing their best to continue with their work and frequently wish for the ambience and sound quality of their day job,” said Veale. “Working from ...

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